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Japan is Famous for its Cherry Blossom Festival around the World


Japan is famous for its ‘cherry blossom festival’ around the world which is known as “Hanami’ in Japanese and is held in all Japan during springtime. Cherry blossom festivals are most important custom in Japan and are celebrated in all Japan at different times in Spring Season.

The most popular kind of Japanese cherry trees that can be found everywhere in Japan are somei-yoshino usually bloom in different regions of Japan at different time and bloom for short time may be of one or two weeks. Cherry blossom festivals take place in different regions of Japan, mostly they are held from March to May while in other regions festivals are organized during January, February and June. Festival dates are determined according to the forecast of cherry blossom bloom and it varies from year to year.

From the past dates first aristocrats saw the cherry blossom flowers and he wrote a poem on it, today in Japan people are celebrating the cherry blossom festivals like a picnic, they eat, drink, barbecue the food, some bring cooked meals from their homes and some buy take out-food for the occasion and sit under the trees by making tradition of blossom viewing. While in areas with lots of cherry blossoms, there is a fierce competition between the people where to celebrate the occasion, if some do not like crowd then they can go in neighboring park or garden or can sit in quite place for viewing the blossom.

Gorgeous flowers are the main attractions for the tourists and the local people of Japan because in the spring time their pink flowers make a blanket on the whole country and there are a variety of traditional Japanese art performances which also draw the attraction of tourists during festivals while most memorable experience is the joining tea ceremonies under the cherry blossom trees. Here are some patronize festival vendors who sell various foods and souvenirs such as regional crafts and specialty food in the region. While in the evening for lighten up the blossom trees some hang the paper lantern.

At last no other country is celebrating the festival with excitement like Japan but now this festival will take place in 2018 although dates are not announced yet due to temperature, wind and air change which affects the first and full bloom. For more detail on International News, checkout urduvoz.com