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Out of Control Cell Growth Causes Cancer

Out of Control Cell Growth Causes Cancer


Cancer is basically a disease which involves a number of diseases in its vicinity as it can be considered as a class of diseases characterized by the abundant growth of cells present in the human body. After a lot of research done on this diseases over the past few years new innovative and creative ways and solutions have been made to cure it or lower the growth of this tumor which then results in cancer which means the spread of cells or unnatural cells throughout the body.  There are over hundred different types of cancer and it is said that each can be classified by the type of cell that is initially affected by the disease.

Cancer causes harm to the body because when altered cells divide uncontrollably or in an unnatural way this means that lumps maybe formed in a body part or massed of tissue which makes the body called tumors except in the case of blood cancer or scientifically/ medically known as Leukemia where cancer prohibits normal blood function by abnormal cell division in the blood stream.

Research claims that tumors can grow and interfere with the digestive, nervous and the circulatory system of the body by releasing hormones into the body that alter the body function. These tumors then stay in one spot and demonstrate limited growth and are known as benign, which might not be considered as Cancer. Now research is taking place and a lot of it has been conducted in the UK under the banner of Cancer research in UK.

It is said that the most dangerous form of tumor develops when two things occur this can be when a cancerous cell manages to move throughout the body using the lymphatic system or the blood flow which then destroys the healthy tissue present in the body in the a process which experts call invasion. This particular cell manages to divide and grow making new blood vessels so that it can feed itself in a process which they call as angiogenesis.

Moreover, when a tumor successfully spreads to other parts of the body and grows invading and then destroying other healthy cells or tissues it is then said to have metastasized. So this process is called metastasis.

According to the American Cancer Society after conducting a lot of research they came to the conclusion that Cancer is now the second most common cause of death in America which means that it accounts for nearly one of every four deaths. Now let’s look at what the World Health Organization says, they claim that worldwide, there are fourteen million new cancer cases and eight and a half million cancer related death in 2012.  It is believed that there are more than two hundred typed of cancers now present in the world This might be due to the fact that most of the people in the world have now an unhealthy lifestyle and consume more and more proceeded food plus do not exercise as much as their elders used to do. This new lifestyle is the real reason why more and more people are getting trapped in this disease. It’s believed that cancer risk can be avoided by reduction in the use or consumption of tobacco, limited alcohol intake and limiting the UV rays exposure which we get from using all these new technologies innovative tools such as Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, computers and even radiation of microwave. Screening can locate cervical cancer, colorectal cancer and breast cancer at an early stage which is considered a treatable stage by doctors after that surgery is not looked into as the cancer spread throughout the body