Home Real Estate Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Quick Showing

Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Quick Showing


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The phone rings as you pick it up to catch your realtor on the other end. She has an involved and concerned buyer who wants to see the house as early as possible. While you eagerly agree to let them come look at the house in 10 minutes, you later realize that every room is in shambles. There is a mountain of dirty clothes in the laundry room, dirty pots in the sink and the dog just come in the living room as he is leaving dirty paw prints on the carpets. You need to get the house neat and clean now. Here are many tips to get your home ready for the showing in a matter of minutes.

Open the Windows

Let in the fresh air so the house smells nice when the purchaser shows up. This approach is especially important if you have pets as you need the stale air to leave in case the new buyers might have pet allergies.

Let the Light In

Turn on the lights and open the drapes to let in as much light as possible. You also need to show people the gorgeous Central Oregon views from your residence and the beautiful yard. These may be vital buying points for the person who is involved in your home.

Hide the Clutter

You obviously won’t have time to get all the washing done by the time the interested buyer and real estate agent displays up at the door. Yet you do not have to leave the clutter in plain sight. Stow the clothes in the washer and dryer without spinning them on, place the dishes in the dishwasher or even the microwave if you do not have a dishwasher, and place magazines into drawers.

Vacuum and Sweep

You might not have time to vacuum and sweep each floor grounded on the size of your house. Yet you should emphasis on the main living areas such as the dining room, living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. Get the family in on the cleaning to cut down on the work you have to do.

Make the Bed

The real estate agent will show off the dimensions of the bedrooms. So you cannot just shove all the clutter into the apartment and then shut the door. If you have to, place all the dirty laundry and things under the bed and then create the sheets. Drape a nice large blanket on top so nobody can see the mess lurking beneath.

Take out the Trash

While obviously, the buyer is not going to be looking in your trash cans to see if they are retained immaculate, they will notice the food smells from last night’s meal. Take out the trash so the house smells fresh and clean.

These tips can allow you to catch the house ready for the showing in the fastest amount of time possible. Once you check off each thing from the list, you can then leave for a bit knowing that when the real estate agent and buyer show up, they will see a superb house that is perfect for the buyer’s needs.

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