Home Real Estate First Time Home Buyers: What To Look For And What To Ignore

First Time Home Buyers: What To Look For And What To Ignore


When shopping for your first home it can be solid to narrow down what you want and stick to a list of wants. It is easy to get distracted by staging or design work or location and miss great attributes or glaring problems to a future home. While house hunting it is important to make a list of what you totally need in a home and some things that you did want in a home. You need to be acquainted with what your deal breakers are before you go out hunting. Here is a list of what to look for in a property and what you should overlook.


Do not get diverted by the staging. It is meant to make the home look tempting to you. Try not to an emphasis on cosmetic or topical design elements, but focus more on the construction of the home. There could be a particularly tricky room, that a stage has laid out flawlessly, but you may not possess the same furniture or design elements. Ask yourself what you could really do with that room. These staging accessories are designed to appeal to you, they can sometimes trick you into taste a property that otherwise would not appeal to you.

Good staging can help you see the potential that the home has, but be sure to ask yourself if it is the home you love and not the furniture or design in it.


You may want to find houses within a certain neighborhood or area. Maybe it has the best schools or is the most walkable to downtown. Whatever the reason, do not let your desire to live in this area outshine what you are looking for in a home. You may catch a cute home in the neighborhood that you love but it could be 1-2 bedrooms or bathrooms short of what you are looking for. If it is a popular neighborhood, you could be priced out of what you are looking for too. You want to decide if paying more for a smaller home is value it to you, even if it is in the neighborhood that you wish.

Cosmetic Changes

Even though a home may appear less attractive than you are looking for, it is important to consider what features are cosmetic to a home and which are not. For example, you may hate the external paint color, but paint colors are permanent things you can fix about a home. Minor adjustments can always be made, whether it is a tiny kitchen or bathroom renovation, etc. Know what can be transformed later and what is important to focus on now.

Along the same vein of this, don’t consider that every problem is an easy fix. Building an outline more open by knocking down walls, is an expensive variation to a home. It may be more monetarily smart to find a home with an existing open layout

Today’s real estate is a respectable and profitable business and there are many houses for sale in PA.