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Procedure Of Trimming And Pruning Plants


Pruning as known is a process where plants are cut and trimmed according to their condition to make them healthier and to encourage more growth plus creating a more scenery.

But if not properly done it can decrease the health of the plant and cause it to not be able to grow in the right natural way. There are a number of tree pruning services near me that is why I always contact a professional who can trim my plants in the right manner.

After countless hours of discussion with a few experts we got to know some important information. The question that we got answered was that: what are the 5 major important steps that are needed in order to trim and prune plants?

The first step in this procedure is to prune that area of the plant where the buds of the plant can be easily seen or are visible from. This is in regard to smaller plants, shrubs and hedges and not accordingly to bigger plants such as Trees, which is another topic all together. So prune that part of the plant from where the buds are visible, the technique is to trim the part above those buds so that the stem doesn’t die back down.

This procedure is quite tricky so has to be done with a lot of patience and care. The area above the bud has to be trimmed so that it prevents leaving that snag of stem so that it doesn’t die back down, just be careful not to hurt the bud in total.

Moving on, the second step is to trim the part on stem where the bud is located, now you need to create a 70 degree angle in order to slightly tilt and then cut it in angle, keeping in mind that you are cutting it in the direction according to where the bud and then the stem is pointing at.

The third step of the pruning process involves you to locate what type of plant are you dealing with in the first place? If the plant that you are dealing with has buds that are oppositely located which in lay man terms means they are located on the former side you then can make a small cut if you want both of them to grow.

However, if you want one bud to grow and the other one to not then cut the other one from its stem. Then after cutting the parts of the stems and buds you now have to see the lower part of the plant that involves the limbs and dead wood that is associated with it, by cutting this it will boost the new younger shoots to grow from the base of the plant but be careful for this to take place you need proper tools such as the long handles loppers.  If the stem or stems are growing together quite closely then in an even that they cross each other try to cut out one of them to prevent the other one from rubbing together as this will damage the area and cause a disease mainly onto the bark. Contact Axe Tree Pros for trimming and pruning services.