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In today’s world fashion is ever changing today one thing is in fashion tomorrow another and we have seen some styles comeback into style such as the 70s or 80s eras clothes and styles, today we will look into accessories that go with almost everything regarding women which they have to have with them. In other words MUST HAVE accessories.

Accessories have the power to transform outfits and make you look good with almost anything. They include Bejewelled Bags, a bag which is a little more unique and perfect to create a mark, second are Berets which is a beautiful hat, a style statement and give that phenomenal French touch, the best color which would look good with almost everything would be the black color.

Thanks to the incredible return of the 90’s fashion, hoop earrings are back. These simple yet sassy earrings are one of the biggest jewellery trends of this season and are a great look to try. No matter if your personal style is elegant, sporty, punk or anything in between, hoop earrings can work for you. The only rule of this accessory trend is to keep the style minimal and the size maximal.

As such, hoop earrings that are thin, large, and free from complicated jewels or shapes are the ideal option for rocking this look. Sky-high stilettos and casual sneakers have both been swapped for the pointy toe pumps with kitten heel this season. These statement shoes, which offer the best of both worlds, are not only elegant and stylish, but they’re also comfortable and practical.

If you’re not rocking hoop earrings this season, then you’ll most likely be wearing a mismatched pair. This statement accessory look stems from last season’s single earring styles, for which ladies would rock one earring and leave the other lobe free.Every season, one style of sunglasses emerges as a clear favorite amongst the fashion set.

This season, that dominating style is oversize D-frame sunglasses. These big and bold sunglasses have been spotted everywhere during the European fashion weeks, and you’ll soon want to rock them too.

Just as beads and gems are turning simple handbags into statement bejewelled styles, so too are circular metal handles transforming traditional designs into ultra-chic ring bearer bags.