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Apple Watch Pro May Require Replacement Bands


Apple’s “Far Out” event on September 7 is rumored to feature a new high-end Apple Watch “Pro.” The new watch may have a flat display and a 47mm to 48mm case with a larger display.

What’s New?

Due to its squared-off design, the Apple Watch “Pro” will not be compatible with earlier Apple Watch bands, according to a Weibo post by “UnclePan.”

What’s More?

Apple has gradually expanded the Apple Watch’s size but kept earlier bands compatible. Backward compatibility lets Apple Watch owners upgrade without buying new bands.

The new Apple Watch “Pro” is aimed at sports and customers who desire a tough watch. Apple may build a new range of Apple Watch bands for pro-athletes that only work with the Apple Watch “Pro.”

Digging Into More Details

New Apple Watch “Pro” is due in a week. Apple may potentially release the Apple Watch Series 8 and an improved Apple Watch SE.

The Series 8 could have longer battery life and a body temperature sensor than the Series 7. Our overview explains the Apple Watch lineup.