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Amazon’s Fire TV Omni Series TVs Are Smart


Amazon is finally delivering a few TVs of its own after years of introducing streaming gadgets and outfitting third-party TVs with its Fire TV software.

On The Roll

With the new Fire TV Omni Series, a variety of 4K televisions with seamless Alexa voice integration, you can manage every element of your upcoming movie night without ever picking up a remote control.

The new Omni Series TVs, which start at just over $400, have a variety of exciting capabilities for finding and playing content.

We’re interested to see how they compare to our recommendations for the best TVs. H

here is all you need to know about the first ever all-Amazon televisions, from ordering details to their extensive set of smart capabilities, in the interim.

Preorders, Cost, And Release Information For The Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

Preorders for Amazon’s Fire TV Omni Series are currently being accepted at Amazon, with deliveries beginning in October.

The 43-inch model of the series costs $409.99, while more expensive models come with Dolby Vision. For a short period of time, the 50-inch model is currently discounted by $110 off.

Here’s A Short Glance At The Entire Schedule

  • 43-inch Fire TV Omni Series; $419.99; Amazon.com
  • 50-inch Fire TV Omni Series, $59.99 (available at Amazon.com)
  • com: Fire TV Omni Series 55-inch, $559.99
  • Dolby Vision-capable Fire TV Omni Series 65-inch ($829.99; amazon.com)
  • 75-inch Dolby Vision-enabled Fire TV Omni Series ($1,099.99; amazon.com)

The Significance Of The New Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

The Amazon Fire TV Omni Series sets are the first televisions wholly created by Amazon, which, based on the company’s claims, could result in a seamless Alexa experience where you never need to touch a remote to start your favorite shows and movies.

Almost all functions of the Fire TV Omni may be operated totally by voice commands without the use of remote control, whether you’re seeking show suggestions or want to launch a certain app.

The fact that Alexa can answer questions using natural language is arguably the most interesting feature of these TVs.

In a video showing off the Fire TV Omni, a user just stated, “Alexa, turn on the baseball game,” and the TV instantly tuned to the appropriate app and channel without any additional input or directions.

What’s New?

Asking “Alexa, what should I watch?” for recommendations or “Which actor is this?” during a show will pull up that info on your screen.

You may say “Alexa, play something on Netflix” to automatically start a new episode or movie based on your viewing patterns this autumn.

According to an Amazon spokesman, these TVs are designed to deter you from using your phone while relaxing on the couch.

Alexa controls on Fire TV Omni Series extend to smart home. You can monitor Alexa-compatible smart cameras in picture-in-picture while watching a show, or check your Ring doorbell from your TV.

You can also control lighting and audio and create shortcuts. We witnessed how saying “Alexa, start movie night” dims the lights and starts a movie.

What’s More?

Kids will love being able to view TikTok videos on the big screen.

The Zoom app can convert your living room into a conference room with external USB webcam compatibility.

All Omni Series TVs have 4K resolution and support HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Plus, which means they have rich colors and high-quality audio.

The Fire TV Omni Series supports Alexa Home Theater, so you can combine it with Alexa-compatible speakers like the Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Studio.

Fire TV 4 Series From Amazon

Looking for a little less expensive option? Additionally, Amazon is introducing the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series, a more entry-level line of 4K smart TVs.

These TVs have many of the same capabilities as the Omni Series and are also currently up for presale at Amazon and Best Buy.

You’ll only need to utilize the Alexa Voice Remote to voice-activate shows and control your smart devices.

During this first launch time, all 4-Series models are offered at a discount of $110. Here is the complete roster:

  • 43-inch Amazon Fire TV from the 4-Series is $369.99 at com
  • The 50-inch Amazon Fire TV 4-Series costs $469.98 on Amazon.com
  • The 55-inch Amazon Fire TV 4-Series costs $519.99 at Amazon.com

Let’s Review

If Amazon’s Fire TV Omni Series sets live up to expectations, they might provide a totally seamless TV-watching experience, allowing you to turn on a certain show, get some fresh binge-watching recommendations, and ultimately identify that well-known star without ever using a remote or your phone.

It also helps that these TVs allow you to join Zoom meetings, operate your smart home, and see who is at the door in picture-in-picture.

The new 4-Series, on the other hand, appears to be a good substitute for anyone prepared to forgo genuine hands-free operation in exchange for a more affordable vehicle.

Digging Into More Details

The Fire TV software, which powers third-party alternatives from manufacturers like Toshiba and Insignia, has long been a favorite of ours, but the overall viewing quality of those sets has prevented them from reaching the top of our list of the best TVs.

Stay tuned for our in-depth evaluations to find out if the Omni Series can defy the trend and deliver impressive features and picture quality.