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Brazil Bans iPhones Without USB Chargers


Brazil bans iPhones without power adapters. Brazil’s Justice and Public Security Ministry fined Apple £2.04m ($12.275m).

What’s New?

Brazilian consumer agency Senacon said Apple’s choice to sell “incomplete” iPhones without power adapters discriminates against consumers.

Apple will appeal. The company told Reuters it will work with Brazilian authorities to “resolve their concerns,” but stressed it has won court judgments in Brazil on the subject.

What’s More?

Apple said users know their charging and connectivity options.

Apple announced the fine and restriction a day before unveiling the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and Apple Watch Ultra.

So Paulo’s consumer protection department penalized Apple £2m last year for selling iPhones without chargers.


With iPhone 12, Apple discontinued power adapters and headphones. Apple said the change will help lower its carbon footprint by making packaging smaller.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice-president of environment, policy, and social initiatives remarked, “Sometimes it’s what we don’t make that counts.” More than 2 billion official Apple power adapters are in use.

Digging Into More Details

Senacon, which challenged the move last year, said Apple’s sustainability justifications were “not enough.”

It argued eliminating chargers had no environmental benefits.

Senacon said the corporation should have adopted USB-C cables and chargers to reduce e-waste reduce its environmental effect without burdening consumers.

This year, the EU agreed to implement a USB-C charging cord for portable electronics.

Incomplete Product

Senacon argued selling new iPhones without power adapters forced buyers to acquire a second product.

It claimed a phone without a power adaptor is an “incomplete product.” The change shifts responsibility to third-party providers and consumers because iPhones without adapters haven’t been reduced in price.

Apple’s comments are pending.