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How To Find The Correct Virtual Assistant For Your Real Estate Marketing Needs


Virtual assistants are a standout amongst the most critical resources of the info age. That may seem like an overstatement, however in the event that it’s not truly genuine, it’s by an extremely thin margin. Proprietors are no exemption, and marketing properties is one of the VA’s numerous potential applications.

The 3 Types of VA

Before we go any further, nonetheless, we ought to say that not all VAs are made equal.

Mechanical Turks

The most minimal level of a Virtual Assistant can still do a goodly number of marketing undertakings, including:

Getting property information from MLS postings, Tax Assessors’ sites, and other online resources and arranging it into a format that makes it simple for another person to compose an ad utilizing the information

  • Getting promotion pictures or other data about a property and effectively sorting         out them into the organization’s document stockpiling framework in readiness for
  • future advertising
  • Getting an advertisement and posting it on various distinctive sites
  • Recovering marketing information from those sites that track it (i.e. views,                   investigations, favorites, and so on),
  • Feeding that information into a spreadsheet and computing vital measurements           (i.e. request every week, sees per request, et cetera)
  • Utilizing that spreadsheet to make a report and sending the report out to a                   property proprietor
  • Accepting a blog post or article and posting it up on the web
  • Also, whatever other errands that can be clarified totally in a well-ordered format         with an adequately detailed content report.

Office Assistants

The “next level” of a Virtual Assistant can perform all of those duties, along with:

  • Discovering resources online that can conceivably be utilized as motivation for new       content, for example, blog entries.
  • Choosing which of many advertising pictures are best for use in an advertisement,         editing them for essential stylish functionality, and including watermarks in a way         that doesn’t meddle with their market-value.
  • Getting calls or messages from potential candidates, noting fundamental inquiries         concerning the property, recording data about the inquirer, and planning showings       for an agent.
  • Speaking with the dealer regarding explanation the candidates gave during                 showings and recording them onto an organization resources (for use in speaking         with the proprietor about potential value changes or work arranges that would             enhance rentability not far off).
  • Looking at the previously mentioned “critical measurements” report for signs that a       specific ad is coming up short and pointing out that disappointment.
  • Making directions for the lower-level VAs to take after.
  • Also, different assignments that require insight and executive function.

The Best VAs

At last, you have the highest point of-the-line virtual colleague who is sufficiently familiar with both dialect and culture to have the capacity to understand and produce useful advertisements. VAs of this level adds a few more potential assignments to their list, including:

  • Composing property promotions, blog entries, and other content.
  • Adding auditory comments to a promotional video, for example, a “virtual tour”.
  • Analyzing the “essential statistics” file for signs that a commercial is coming up             short and diagnosing the presumable reason behind why the advertisement is             fizzling.
  • Getting calls or messages from proprietors and answer their inquiries concerning           the advertising procedure.
  • Furthermore, nearly whatever else!

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