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3 Best Tennis Courts around the World


Beginning from Wimbledon to ATP tours all the way through the world, the Tennis tournaments always invite huge crowds. The world always gives a round of applause when Nadal plays a fabulous backhand on the clay court or when Federer shows his spectacular smashes in the grass.

These days, looks and appeal show vigorous roles in sports history, as we see changed hairstyles of players, as well as the changed architecture of stadiums, which always build feeling among the viewers.

There are many vast and beautiful stadiums situated throughout the planet. Starting from Football to Cricket to even Tennis, the tournaments are all glittering, as the stadiums themselves are. And here is the list of 3 best tennis courts around the world.

Arthur Ashe Stadium:

Arthur Ashe Stadium is the biggest tennis-specific stadium by capacity in the world. This stadium is the key court of the US Open and also a portion of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center situated surrounded by Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. This stadium is termed after Arthur Ashe, the famous tennis player who acquired the opening US Open.

Arthur Ashe Stadium replaced Louis Armstrong Stadium as the most important venue for the US Open in 1997. With its vast $254 million construction cost, it is combined with 22,547 individual seats with 90 luxury suites along with 5 restaurants and a two-level players’ sitting room. The surface used in this stadium is Deco Turf cushioned acrylic, whereas it is also furnished with Hawk-Eye electronic system.

Wimbledon CentSre Court:

The leading ground of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is traced nearby Aorangi Terrace. Along with the third annual Grand Slam occasion of the tennis calendar, Wimbledon Championship, it also presented the tennis race at the 2012 Summer Olympics. This stadium is also famous by its postcode SW19. The Centre Court has a premier box for the high-class practices of the Royal Family.

It was devastated in World War II when, for the period of an air attack five 500 lb., bombs hit the Centre Court. This stadium is furnished with a retractable roof which was planned by Special Projects Ltd (SCX) and fitted in 2009. Andy Murray and Roger Federer challenged the first Wimbledon final under a roof here on 8th July 2012.

Court Philippe Chatrier:

The main ground of the French Open, also famous as Roland Garros, is situated in Paris, France. To host France’s first defense of the Davis Cup after gaining the cup in 1927, it was created in 1928. It was titled after the developer aviator engineer, Roland Garros, who is the discoverer of the first forward-firing aircraft machine gun. In its vast 21-acre compound, it has 20 courts together with three large-capacity stadiums, a luxury restaurant and bar complex, the media and VIP area and the Tenniseum.

The surface of the Roland Garros is generally measured as the red clay, where the motivating fact is that the surface is in fact made with white limestone and then covered with a few millimeters of red brick powder.

There are a number of other tennis stadiums throughout the world to claim the top place in this list. From wonderful architecture to state-of-the-art designs, these stadiums are a “beauty to look at”. One such attractive piece of art is Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena, the design of which look like a blooming magnolia.

Construction is a very paying profession since the ancient time’s likewise in the recent time’s tennis court builders are enjoying a good deal of earnings.