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Steam Deck microSD Downloads Slow


When you obtain a Steam Deck, insert a microSD card, format it, then install a game, you may observe poor download speeds. speeds.

What’s New?

Something is slowing down removable microSD storage for some deck owners, including me. A quick fix requires reformatting your microSD card, which will erase your game installs and other data.

First, your microSD card may slow things down. My colleague Alice Newcome-Beill recommends one with a U3 write speed and an A2 application class (those small symbols are written on the card).

What’s More?

It has higher random read and writes speeds than Bargain.bin microSD cards. Some customers are getting bogus microSD cards with lower speed or capacity.

If your model matches this guideline but you still have sluggish download speeds, try this sensible and well-documented method that worked for me (and apparently many others).

Digging Into More Details

RoyalMetalKnights user posted it on Steam. It takes numerous steps but not long. After turning on your Steam Deck, do these. Again, you’ll format your microSD card, so backup beforehand.

Copy the contents of your microSD card to a computer folder or cloud storage service to achieve this.