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Small Business Ideas With Low Investment In Pakistan


A business is also known as an enterprise, company or a firm, an organization or economic system in which provision of goods and services are involved to consumer, goods and services are exchanged for the sake of money or profit. There are different kinds of business such as agriculture, transportation, entertainment and mass media, real estate, financial services business, industrial manufacturers and many more. In Pakistan small businesses are considered as the highest potential opportunity for self –employment among the educated youth. To start a business, a person should have to do some market research, relevant experience and passion should be a plus point for this. Some tips that are useful while starting a new business;

• Do proper planning for a business
• Estimate the implementation cost and profit
• Check current market trends
• Get a team or members who are trustworthy
• Start a business with low investment
• Choose wisely a business which have low risks

Different small business ideas with low investment
The following is a list of small business ideas with low investment in Pakistan is as below;

• Freelance business

Freelance business is getting famous in Asian countries. In America and Europe people hire Asian freelancers to get their project done. In Pakistan number of students and educated housewives are doing home based online business to get side income.

• Real Estate

In Pakistan it is a good profitable business because of having low risks; an agent in real estate business can earn a commission through property selling.

• Dairy Farming

It is becoming a profitable business and you invest in it because of high demand of dairy products in Pakistan, to start this business you have to purchase few cows and goats and supply their milk and other dairy products to the final consumers.

• Fries Chips

It is a good business idea on a small scale with handsome monthly income with low cost investment, for this you have to choose a right place and need a burner and other material that required for frying chips. People who are doing this business are earing Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 per month.
There are a lot of business ideas with low investment, here we cannot write the detail of all but few names are mentioned here; Auto- spare parts, bird farming, event co-coordinator, tutoring services, buy and sell luxury cars, rent your commercial property, selling small phones, baby day care centers, mobile accessories business, beauty salon, coffee shop, medical store, mobile car wash, greeting cards making and many more. For further Business News and small business ideas, view urduvoz.com