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Choosing A Perfect TV For Your Home Theater Installation

Choosing A Perfect TV For Your Home Theater Installation

The screen is the most crucial aspect of the home theater experience. Your screen must be at eye level; projectors are best viewed on a wall, but televisions can be mounted on various stands. This home theater installation guide will show you how to select, position, and modify your television for a perfect home theater system. RMS installs home theater installation services Atlanta, can assist you in selecting the right TV size and type for your home theater setup.

Choose The Correct Size Tv For Your Room

While it’s tempting to go for a giant screen possible, selecting a television is more of a science than simply applying the “larger is better” principle. To gain the most enjoyment for the most people, you must choose your TV based on the area of your room and how far away people are from the screen.

You must have between 9 and 15 feet of space between the TV and your nearest couch if you want a 70″ TV screen.

As long as you have a large white wall to display the video on, projectors allow you to modify the size of the screen. To achieve the most outstanding results, you’ll need a distance of 12-15 feet between the projector and the wall.

Select A High-Resolution Tv

When it comes to improving the picture on your TV, resolution is one of the most important things. There are more pixels with a higher resolution. That is why 2160p (sometimes referred to as “4K Ultra HD”) costs more than 1080p (commonly referred to as “Full HD”) or 720p.

Even though many TV manufacturers have moved on from 1080i, you should be aware that the picture quality is essentially the same, even though 1080p has “won” the consumer vote.

Specific visual inputs, such as the Xbox One, do not support 1080i, so these TVs will default to 720p. Try RMS installs home theater installation services Atlanta, GA, which suggests the ideal TV resolution for your home theater system.

Purchase A Video Source

AS DISCUSSED IN THE EARLIER SECTION, a DVD player or a game console will provide your home theatre system entertainment.

Skip it if you have a video source or plan to utilize a cable box instead.

For your TV, you should get an entertainment system (such as a console) or a Blu-Ray player; DVD players and VCR boxes are becoming outdated.

Install Your TV In A Proper Location In The Room

Adjust your TV in its slot and feed the power cord out the back of the entertainment center if you have one.

Allow plenty of room between your entertainment center and the wall until the whole entertainment center is set up.

If you intend to mount your TV, wait until you’ve purchased and installed the speakers and other components.

Adjust Your Seating To Fit Your TV’s Position

Move any seating (for example, couches or chairs) to point toward the TV area, depending on the angle and height your TV is set up.

This seating will also act as a point of reference for your speakers.

Allow a few feet between the back of your couch and the wall (if feasible) for the speakers to sit if you plan on employing full surround sound. Get help from RMS installs’ professional home theater installation services Atlanta, GA, to have a perfect view for your home theater.