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Amazon Union Organizers Cancel California Warehouse Election


The National Labor Relations Board’s Kayla Blado has confirmed that the Amazon Labor Union has withdrawn its petition to hold elections at an Amazon fulfillment center in Moreno Valley, California.

The petition was filed on October 12th, and the NLRB had certified that there was a sufficient showing of interest to proceed with the election, according to Suhauna Hussain of The Los Angeles Times.

What’s New?

It’s a rapid turnaround for organization efforts at the plant, known as ONT8. Whether the petition’s withdrawal was related to the ALU’s recent defeat in Albany, New York, is unknown.

Although the withdrawal request is not yet available to the public, Blado claims that petitioners are not required to provide the NLRB with a reason for their withdrawal.

What’s More?

The union didn’t answer right away when The Verge asked for comment. 800 full- and part-time workers would have had the opportunity to vote on whether to join the ALU had the election gone forward.

The union organized Amazon’s JFK8 facility in Staten Island last year and is currently attempting to bargain a collective bargaining agreement with the business.

Digging Into More Details

It has failed to build on the historic triumph, losing elections in Albany earlier this month and at the nearby LDJ5 plant in May.

Christian Smalls, the president of ALU, referred to the latter election as a “sham” and claimed that it “wasn’t free and fair.”