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Nest Hub Max Owners Can Now Skip “Hey Google”


Owners of the Nest Hub Max can now choose to use the new Look and Talk function, which lets you speak to the device without using the “Hey Google” command, as Google unveiled at I/O.

What’s New?

When enabled, all a user needs to do to issue the command is to glance at the device.

Look and Talk was developed with user privacy in mind, according to Google. Only after the user opts in and both Face Match and Voice Match identify you will it become active.

Additionally, no video from these conversations is shared with Google because it is totally processed on the device.

What’s More?

To enable it, open your Home app and search under the Recognition & Sharing tab.

Google also announced the increase of short phrases for Nest Hub Max owners, enabling you to omit the “Hey Google” phrase in addition to Look and Talk.

Digging Into More Details

For instance, you can now say “Set a timer for 10 minutes” or “Turn on the kitchen lights” without saying “Hey Google.”

According to Google, if you opt-in, you may choose which phrases to enable and they will function after Voice Match determines that they are you.