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Top Rackets used by Tennis Players


Tennis was first introduced in the 12th century in Northern France, it is a very ancient game and people love this game a lot. At that time it was famous as the “Game of the Palm” because people strike the ball with the support of their palm, later developments were prepared and rather than palm ‘wooden log’ was used. Now palm or wooden log are not used but as additional players use Rackets.

It is a racket sport which can be played between two people (singles) or between two teams (doubles). An individually player practices a racket whose cord is strung to strike the tennis rubber ball. There is a net between the challengers to distribute the tennis part into two equal splits. Tennis is an Olympic Sport which is played in diverse societies.

Now a day’s up-to-date form of Tennis game is being played which was familiarized in the 19th century from Birmingham, England. Today I will list the top rackets used by Tennis Players.

Andy Murray:

Andy Murray is a Scottish certified player who is graded as British No. 1 and World’s No. 2 by Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). He also has achieved a gold medal in singles Championships in contradiction of Roger Federer. The racket he performs is the “Head-YOUTEK Graphene Radical Pro”.

However, one more Head-YOUTEK is used by one of the Well-known tennis players. It is easier to swing and quiet ultra-stable in all parts of the court. It has a somewhat crispier and modern energetic which improves a soft touch to it. It delivers good control, stable spin, and dominant hit and arrogant groundstrokes. Like Murray, it is a hard choice of all stages and surely it will be identified for its excellent firm grip.

Stanislas Wawrinka:

Stanislas Wawrinka is the Swiss tennis player, who is graded as No. 2 in Swiss and ranked as No. 7 in World’s Best Tennis Players in February 2015. He also acquired or secured a gold medal for Switzerland in men’s doubles happening in Summer Olympics. Stanislas Wawrinka habits “Yonex-VCORE Tour 97”.

Wawrinka used VCORE TOUR 97 of Yonex which has just 11.5ounce weight and 314 swing weight. It is light in weight which permits the players to use the racket with slight power and turn it to strike the hollow ball. Its head size is 97 squares in and string form is 16×20. The extraordinary stability permits the players to take control and it might increase the chance of winning the game.

Juan Martin Del Potro:

Juan Martin Del Potro is an Argentine expert tennis player who attained the U.S Open in 2009. His career-high singles were graded in January 2010 as World’s No. 4. Juan Martin Del Potro is also famous as Delpo. He practices “Wilson- K Factor KSix-One 95”.

Delpo is at present using this Wilson Pro Staff which delivers a good baseline to the net. It delivers the high level of ease and stages the strength of the player.

It has 95 squares in head size and 18×20 string form with a secure grip. The weight of head easily manages the racket to swing appropriately. It not only provides the self-confidence to the player but also controls the point from the starting point of the net.

Perfect tennis court surface with perfect leveling plays an important role in a tennis game.